Mathura and Vrindavan – the Holiest and Must See Pilgrimage Destinations in July and August

India is a country of rich heritage, cultural influences and spiritual beauty; while pilgrimage destinations are adding the extra spark of beauty in making them ever more special. The lend of unity in diversity is famous for a number of world-class temples, shrines, pilgrimage destinations, mosques, Gurudwaras and monasteries. Not to mention ancient churches that you can find – mainly in Goa, Kerala, North-East India and even in rest of the nation. The most sacred and holy land of Mathura and Vrindavan are also among the most popular pilgrimage destination – called as the Brij Bhumi.

The land is known as the birth place of Lord Krishna, his kingdom, his childhood, his all activities and way of let people live life happily. Hundreds of thousands of devotees from the world come to worship Lord of the Universe in Vrindavan and prefer to visit his birth place that is called as Janm Bhumi and other places. If you are planning a trip to India and want to explore something special, then don’t miss to spend a few days in Vrindavan and Mathura as the duos of cities look different in the month of Shravan – full of devotees and pilgrimages.

Vrindavan – the Land of Divinity and Spritual Power

Govinda Dev Temple
Govinda Dev Temple (Image by

As soon as you enter the land of Lord Krishna – Vrindavan, you will feel a change. The beautiful town in Mathura District is famous for Sri Bihari Ji Temple – the main shrine where you will feel as if the Lord is sitting in front of you. Located in the very narrow street (called as Kunj Gali), Sri Bihari Ji Temple is globally renowned where thousands of devotees come to worship Lord. During the Shravan Month or From July to August – Lord stays in Flowers and wears flower-made dresses that are called as Ful-Bangla – or the home of flowers. You will get an aroma of fresh flowers. Street where this temple is located is ideal for snacks and food. Don’t miss to take Peda and taste Lassi that is awesome.

Other temples that you will see in Vrindavan are the following:

  • Iskon Temple and Pagal Baba Mandir at Mathura Road
  • Prem Mandir at Chhatikara Road that is famous for its lighting and musical Fountain. Its architecture is mind-blowing to keep you enticed
  • Angrejo Ka Mandir – another famous temple
  • Nidhi Van – where you will see small trees and different temples. It is said that Lord Krishna used to play with their female friends here.
  • Shri Rangji Temple
  • Sri Govind Ji Temple
  • Mata Vaishno Devi Temple at Chhatikara approx 5 km from Vrindavan towards National Highway 2

In addition, the aforementioned temples, world’s largest and highest temple is under construction with a large area residential area. This temple is called as Chandrodaya Temple.

Mathura – A Holy City

Jai Gurudev Naam Yog Sadhna Mandir, Mathura
Jai Gurudev Naam Yog Sadhna Mandir, Mathura (Image by

Mathura is famous for the birth place of Krishna – that is called Janm Bhumi. The beautiful ancient city is also famous for various other temples. Jai Gurudev Temple on NH2 is one of them. The holy city is also a major industrial hub as it is known for one of the largest refineries too.

Goverdhan – A Holy Town approx 25 km from Mathura towards Southern Side

Krishna lifting the Govardhan Hill
Krishna lifting the Govardhan Hill (Image by

It has a religious significance as it is said Lord Krishan raised a mountain to protect people from the heavy rain. It is called as Goverdhan. People complete a 21 km journey on foot around this small mountain. A large fair is organized in the month of July approx one week before the Guru Purnima Day. It is called as Muriya Purnamasi Mela. Lacs of devotees come to be the part of this grand fair.

Barsana – The Place of Goddess Radha

Sri Radha krishna Darshan at Vrundavan,
Sri Radha krishna Darshan at Vrundavan (Image by

Your tour to Mathura and Vrindavan is considered as incomplete without visiting Barsana – the holy city and land of Goddess Radha. A large temple is here to see where a grand festival is organized in the month of March a one week before Holy.

Other famous places that you will see during your tour to these places include Gokul, Nandgaon, Dauji and different others.

How to Reach Mathura & Vrindavan?

The beautiful holy cities are very close to New Delhi – approx 150 km where you can reach via National Highway Two or Yamuna Expressway – the first expressway in India. You can also take a train from New Delhi to reach here within two hours.

Agra is another city at the distance of 50 km to reach there. Trains from different parts of the country are connecting Mathura to reach here.

Nearest Airport is in Delhi. However, Jewar is the town at the distance of 50 km where the international airport is proposed.

Delhi to Mathura Map

Plan a Tour to Explore the Holy Land

Planning a tour is one of the best options to explore the holy land. For this, Mathura and Vrindavan tour packages are offered to you by different leading travel agencies.

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