Wildlife Trust of India

If you are unaware of the deepest truth of India then, you must gain knowledge about it. India certainly has the world’s one of oldest and richest civilizations but it also has prehistoric forests in nature and symphony. The wildlife of India is no less than Costa Rica. The forests are large accommodation for flora and fauna along with insects. Trees have been playing a vital idolized role for some parts of Indian ancient culture. People have honoured trees and plants as subjects of cultural ceremonies. Till today, in a few regions of India, forests are believed to be sacred and worshipped. Not only people of this country live in unity being diversified in culture but also, forests are as well rich and diverse.

Naming the animals and insects right from elephants, tigers, deer, bison to small reptiles, wildlife is being full with essence. Today, even the felling of trees and poaching have been declared illegal. The forest departments of all the states have got themselves engrossed in saving the wildlife to keep the nature well balanced.