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Okay, so you’ve probably heard that one of the best European cities to visit in your lifetime is Dublin. With this, I wholeheartedly concur. It’s a fantastic decision to choose Ireland’s capital for your next excursion. In my own opinion, this city is fantastic, and I’ll explain why. Spending a weekend or week-long vacation in Dublin is such a blast. It’s a terrific spot to spend your time with its vibrant nightlife, historic pubs, music scene, and welcoming residents. If you start a conversation with a Dubliner, they won’t stop until you finish. Dublin’s tremendous culture, legacy, and history are just another reason why I like the city. Well, this travel guide is intended to assist you in making the most of your visit to Ireland’s capital city and in planning the most fantastic vacation possible.

How to reach Dublin?

Getting to Dublin itself is quite simple because the city has one main airport. From there, the flights arrive and depart from all over the world. After that, you may choose from several methods to go from Dublin Airport to the city center. Numerous buses travel in and out of the airport. Some of them will let you off in the heart of the city, from where you may easily stroll to your next stop.

Best time to visit Dublin:

Dublin is a fantastic city to visit at any time of year, with most attractions open all year. However, the ideal time to visit the city is in May, when the crowds are manageable and the weather is pleasant. Another fantastic time to visit the city is around St. Patrick’s Day when the city is humming and there is plenty to keep you entertained.

Tips to remember:

  • You may explore the city for two or three days and take advantage of everything it has to offer. But I advise staying for five days if you want to unwind and take your time, seeing the city at your leisure.
  • You may tour the city on sightseeing buses with a local guide. Yes, it is a terrific way to observe the city while traveling from point A to point B.
  • If you’re only searching for inexpensive accommodations, you may choose between inexpensive hostels and bed and breakfasts.
  • Phoenix Park and St. Stephen Green are just two of the beautiful parks in Dublin. To roam around and take in their beauty is completely free.
  • You may receive savings of up to 50% at attractions all around the nation with a valid student ID. Asking for student discounts is usually a good idea if you’re a student because many establishments provide them.
  • Purchase the DoDublin Card to gain entry to six of the city’s top attractions. This card can help you save money if you’re going to a lot of places. The price is 50 EUR.

Best Eateries Option to Must-try:

1. Bunsen

You can get the finest cheeseburger in the city at Bunsen. This place is fantastic since they don’t make things too complicated. Although they specialize in just one thing, they do it so well that you’ll keep going back for more of their delectable burgers.

2. Chapter One

Visit Chapter One, one of Dublin’s Michelin-starred restaurants, if you have money to burn and want to eat delicious food. For a special event or celebration, it is the ideal location to eat out. Chapter One is now a distinctive Irish eating establishment. Head chef Ross always uses the best Irish ingredients to make mouth-watering dishes.

3. Terra Madre

The greatest Italian restaurant in Dublin, Terra Madre, comes next on the list. You could choose to pass by the family-run restaurant because it is so small and has only a few tables. However, I can guarantee that it offers some of the greatest genuine Italian cuisines. Instead of feeling like Dublin, you’ll think you’re in a little Italian hamlet. As you would expect from a true Italian restaurant, Terra Madre is bursting with flavors.

Places I visited in Dublin:

1. Little Museum of Dublin

I visited this place on the advice of a resident, and it was fantastic, unusual, and enjoyable. You may find out a lot about Dublin’s social, cultural, and political history during the past century at this lovely Georgian row house, which dates back to the 18th century. Just a heads up: trips frequently sell out far in advance, so book this right now! Also, I highly recommend you to go for it since I had a pleasant time here.

2. Hop On/Off Dublin Bus

This is an effective method to see all the sights at a very low cost. This is because Dublin doesn’t have a large inner city rail and the city bus is already the primary mode of public transit. They visit all of the city’s interesting monuments, museums, and locales. In addition, the bus drivers offer you an audio tour while you travel between stops, and they are incredibly endearing and amusing.

3. Secret Food Tour

Secret Food excursions are something I really like. I believe it’s a very excellent opportunity to meet some entertaining people and get a local’s viewpoint on the city. During our trip, I learned more about it and was quite happy.

4. Phoenix Park

Visit Phoenix Park, which is another Dublin must-do. This park has more to offer than what the eye can see, aside from its lovely trees, greenery, and walking routes. In addition, it is the location of the Irish President’s mansion, Dublin Zoo, and other monuments. We were able to explore this zoo and see the incredible fauna and creatures that call Dublin home.

5. Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle, a Georgian-style reconstruction, is in the center of the city. When Ireland became independent in 1922, the castle continued to serve as the capital. Today, the structure is utilized for official functions including inaugurations and state receptions. The grounds are open for free exploration, however, a self-guided tour of the State Apartments costs 8 EUR. We paid 8 EUR and did a self-guided tour.

6. Temple Bar

On the Liffey River’s southern bank in Dublin, Ireland lies a street called Temple Bar. This area of the city is well known for its Irish folk music, pubs, clubs, and restaurants and wonderfully portrays the spirit of Ireland. We went there in the evening since it has a distinctive nightlife, interesting boutiques, and restaurants that are well-liked by people.

7. Dublin Mountains

South of Dublin City, there is a collection of low mountains and hills known as the Dublin Mountains. They feature outdoor activities and attractions including hiking, cycling, horseback riding, and rock climbing. They provide a lovely and picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. I was astounded by how well the horseback riding and cycling went when we attempted them here.

8. Dollymount Strand

Dollymount Strand is a gorgeous beach with a 5 km stretch of white sand that stretches down the shore. It is on Bull Island in Dublin Bay and is bordered by dunes and rich vegetation. It is the ideal location for swimming and windsurfing. While we were there, we went for leisurely walks and kitesurfing. All of the experiences were top-notch and one-of-a-kind.

Bottom Words:

In this post, I covered everything that I did on my visit to Dublin. And trust me, it feels so amazing to explore the city after taking a short break from my hectic schedules. In case you’re planning to visit Dublin too, do not think twice!

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