Top 8 Tips for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with Kids

The idea of travelling with infants and toddlers may scare you. But with proper planning, you can have a perfect vacation retreat at hills or the beach. Though many sidelines the idea of travelling with young ones, but there is no harm in packing toddler’s bag along with your bag and enjoy the much-desired break from daily routine. Put aside all your fears and doubts follows our travel checklist and get ready for a fun-filled vacation.

Even if the kids are grown up it is noticed that the parent is mostly engrossed with their daily activities and taking care of kids need that they seldom get the chance to spend quality time with each other. A family vacation is a time when a family member can interact with each other freely, you don’t have to rush to the office or focus on some other work, while you are on vacation your time belongs to you and your loved ones.  And yes not to forget kids will keep you on your nerves anyway, so why not plan a short trip to feel some fresh air.

How to prepare for the vacation with toddlers?

  1. Keep the track of your flight/train: Confirm the flight/train timing and boarding time in advance to avoid any last minute hassle. Set email alerts and SMS alert for schedule confirmation.
  2. Print boarding pass before arriving at the airport: Avail features like web check-in and print boarding pass in advance to avoid long queue along with the kids.
  3. Keep your luggage light: You don’t have to carry each and every item that your little one use. Pack essentials like medicines, diapers, food items and stuff that your kid’s needs to stay healthy and safe.
  4. Security concerns: Don’t forget to take your child’s id proof and if they are big enough to recall mobile number ask them to memorize it so that they can get in touch with you in a case of emergency. For younger one, it is advisable to attach an identification badge so that people can help them in a case of any emergency.

  5. Learn about the weather and food culture: Parents are suggested to do some homework of the destination before booking tickets and hotels. Learn about the weather for a case, season at that time and food culture. Choose a location that has a suitable and bearable weather for kids and makes sure the hotel, vacation rental or resort that you have booked offer cuisines that your little one can eat and digest easily.
  6. Keep your kid busy: You never know when your little one would demand the toys of their choice, especially if they are too young to be distracted by other things. Pack their favourite toys, coloring books, rhyme, story book to keep them entertained and engaged.
  7. Baby carriage or stroller: Actually, traveling with kids demands proper planning and with toddlers, it becomes more tricky. Adding a lightweight stroller can make thing easier for you. Though, it is suggested to choose a baby carrier depending on the terrain and your exploration plan. You can take them on rent as well.
  8. Last but not the least: Buy a child locator so that you can track them at the airport and other crowded places.

Check and re-check your checklist before leaving: Make a list of all items that you think you would like to carry with you, filter the list and pack your bag accordingly. Once the packing is in its final stage recheck all the items to ensure that all the essentials are packed,

Keep your mind cool, enjoy your time and collect some beautiful moments!!

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