Best Water Sports and Activities in Maldives

A wonderful and tropical nation with a rich archipelago of 1190 islands at more than 26 atolls, Maldives is one of the romantic places in the world – known for having some of the best resorts and crystal clear blue water that always draws the attention of honeymooners and water sport enthusiasts who want to indulge into the most vibrant and fun-filled water sports activities. Beautiful islands, greenery, serenity, azure water, coral reefs and deep water world, etc are some of the main reasons that will persuade you to plan a Maldives trip or to choose the best Maldives honeymoon packages. Some of the best water sports activities that you will enjoy in the Maldives include, but are not limited to:

Under-Water Walking – A Unique and Different Kind of Experience

Underwater walking is one of the best marine life experiences that will surely provide you with a way of exploring the azure water that can keep you enticed. This kind of water sports activity is sure to provide you with a breathtaking view of the water world. It is a different kind of experience that you will hardly get anywhere else. You need to wait for the right time when the water is calm and clear to enjoy it. January to March is the best time to enjoy underwater activities in the Maldives.

Catamaran Sailing – Persuade You to Plan Maldives Trip Again

Catamaran Sailing is one of the most preferred and wonderful water sports activities to enjoy during your honeymoon or any kind of another tour plan. These wonderful water sports activities will provide you with the real charm of water life and marine life. Don’t miss carrying a camera with you to capture some of the best photographs.

Snorkelling – Most Popular Activities to Enjoy

The most wonderful and amazing water sports activity, Snorkeling is truly the most preferred and best water sports activity to enjoy. This wonderful practice of swimming or through a body of water is wonderful. Diving masks and oxygen sources will make you swim like fish and spend more time amid different species of marine creatures.

Kayaking – Much Loved Water Sports in Kayaking

Wonderful water sports activities to enjoy during your holidays in the Maldives, Kayaking is the pride of sports in Blue Ocean in the Maldives and brings you a great feel to the heart. Don’t miss the chance of padding your boat yourself and driving it in the water. The best time is from April to October for these wonderful water sports activities.

Scuba Diving – Best of All Water Sports Activities

It is wonderful water sports activities – counted as the most enjoyable water sports that allure a good number of tourists. Your instructor will help you in enjoying a pleasant time with fun and adventure all around. You need a bit of training and a complete kit. Scuba diving schools are offering you proper training and a way of enjoying holidays.

Big Game Fishing and Kit Surfing

Seafood is a very popular food enjoyed in the Maldives. You can enjoy the food of your choice by catching the fish that you loved most. There is no denying the fact that fishing is the most popular water sports activity where you will catch fish of the rarest species like Tuna, Sailfish and various others. November to march is the best time for fishing. Kite surfing is also the most popular and amazing game that every honeymoon couple loves to enjoy. This wonderful game is also preferred very much that offers great satisfaction to the adventure-loving souls that are thrilling water sports in the Maldives for adventure seekers.

Glass-bottom or Dinghies Ride

What can be more exciting than exploring the Blue Ocean and marine life below you? It is the best game to walk over blue water. You will see stunning marine animals and plants sliding away from right under your feet.

Jet Skiing

Counted as the most thrilling water sports, it is among the most favoured ones in the Maldives for an amazing experience. It allows you to stay busy for more time during your honeymoon.

Banana Boat Ride

Riding a banana-shaped boat is certainly a way of providing you with the nutrition of the fruit, but you will fill your heart with extreme enthusiasm and excitement that will surprise you.

Walking on beaches or beautiful islands on your own is also a way of having more fun and pleasure. Romantic feelings and a cool climate in the evening will surprise you. It is the best time that you will love to enjoy with your better half.

Now, what is more, important than anything else is a selection of the right honeymoon package. You have to choose the right package, go through day-to-day tour itineraries, and tour details and then make a booking.

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