Planning a Trip to Maldives – Know About Some Interesting Facts about Maldives

The rich archipelago of coral reefs, islands and greenery all around, the Maldives creates perfect setting for romance and pleasure of honeymoon or any kind of other holidays that often persuade newly wedded couples, love birds and nature lovers to explore the hidden treasure of marine life and at the same time enjoy the most beautiful places on earth full of serenity and beauty at its best. “Maldives honeymoon tour packages” is the most common phrase often search globally with a huge traffic on search engines. There is no denying the fact that a considerable number of tourists, especially from cold regions prefer to spend quality time in the presence of Mother Nature here.


Why Maldives?

The beautiful island paradise is blessed with abundant natural beauty, serenity, coral reefs, islands and azure blue waters with abundance marine life options. It has been boasting of white sandy beaches, colorful coral reefs, water sport destinations, deep sea surfing, marine life, private beach huts at crystal clear waters and world’s best spas on Indian Ocean. From world-class spas and resorts to sea food and from fishing to deep water surfing, water sports to sun bath at beaches and from a serene walk to amazing nightlife, there are various reasons that will persuade you to plan a honeymoon trip to Maldives.

Some of the Solid Reasons That Will Persuade You to Plan a Trip to Maldives Include:

World-Class Resorts and Spas

Maldives is famous for huts over water and for some of the world’s best resorts and spas.

  • Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa Maldives
  • Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru
  • Taj Exotica Resort & Spa

They are names a few of the best resorts to enjoy royal and most luxurious life here during your honeymoon or any kind of other holidays.

Pride of Being an Island Paradise of 1190 Coral Islands in 26 Atolls

Maldives is famous for having more than 1190 coral islands into 26 atolls. There are 200 inhabited islands of Maldives with 80 islands that have tourist resorts to keep you feel special and royal during your holidays. Not to mention the wonderful location and main sea lines of the Indian Oceans are sure to keep you enticed and busy for the time to come. According to the records, more than 95% of Maldives is water that always draws attention of water sport lovers and those who love sea world.

First Underwater Meeting Took Place Here

There is a landmark in the tourism history of Maldives as it is a place where first underwater meeting was held. There is no denying the fact that drastic climate change and rising level of oceans is a major threat. You will see that a good number of islands have already been cleared of the rising waters in the ocean and their interference in fresh water resources. For such concern, a meeting was organized in Maldives with 13 officials adorned scuba gears and placed themselves on the desk – that were sunk at the sea bottom to increase attentiveness about the threats that the island chains are facing. It was a different kind of meeting in itself that truly draw attentions of people from across the world.

Underwater Life

What often draws attention of tourists from across the world towards Maldives is wonderful underwater life that you will hardly find anywhere else. Deep sea fishing, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling and various other water sports activities as well as exploring blue waters through a glass-made flat boat or staying in huts made over the water are sure to provide you a different kind of experience that you will not get anywhere else. It is also a nation to see a variety of marine species and marine life in their natural habitat.

Bars and Clubs

There are plenty of bars and clubs in Maldives, but they are only in hotels and resorts. They are world-class and known for creating perfect holiday settings for you. They are offering you the most luxurious world-class accommodation and nightlife culture. Alcohol is served only in bars in hotels and resorts. It is prohibited at public areas and in marketplaces due to rich traditions and religious ethics.

Flattest Island World

Maldives is also famous for having the flattest island world as it is on an average at 1.5 meters. Highest point is in the Villingili Island that is at 2.3 meters. It is also the lowest point on earth. This is the main reason; there is 95% of water here.

Smallest Country in the World with Muslim Community

It is not smallest country in the world for its geographical boundaries, but for its Muslim community. In simple words, it is the smallest Muslim country in Asia and even in the world and popular for its religious intolerance.

Higher Literacy Rate

One of the positive things about Maldives is that more than 98 percent adults are educated in Maldives. The same thing is applied to children and new generation. You can see the difference in people living here.

Counted as the Best and Safe Holiday Destination

Maldives is one of the safest and best holiday destination full of marine life, serenity, greenery and coral reefs. It is a popular holiday destination that is counted as the safest place in the world, even the very isolated resorts that are extremely safe.

Islands Formed by Exiled Persons

Maldives was nothing, but a water world that was lesser known. It has been chronicled and has always been of a great importance because of its apt placement along some trade routes. The first colonized island was set by people from India who were exiled in the British Dynasty.

Serenity and tranquillity are two main points that are sure to keep you enticed and spellbound for the time to come. In order to explore the world, all you have to do is simply go online and choose the right tour packages according to your choice.  For this, going online is one of the time-saving options that will take you to some of the top travel partners. Apna Yatra is a one-stop travel partner providing you precise information about the Maldives and offering you attractive tour packages too that you can choose according to your choice.

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