Chhatarpur Temple Delhi, Pooja, Entry Fee, Aarti Timings

Chhatarpur Temple Delhi

(Shri Adhya Katyayani Shaktipith Mandir) Chhatarpur Temple, located in Delhi, is a renowned Hindu temple known for its spiritual significance and architectural beauty. The temple attracts many devotees and tourists who come to seek blessings and immerse themselves in the divine atmosphere. In this article, we will explore the history, pooja rituals, entry fee, and aarti timings of Chhatarpur Temple, along with other relevant information.

History of Chhatarpur Temple

The Chhatarpur Temple was established in 1974 by Baba Nagpal Ji, a dedicated devotee of Goddess Katyayani. It is the second-largest temple complex in India, spanning an area of over 60 acres. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Katyayani, an incarnation of Goddess Durga.

Architecture and Design

Chhatarpur Temple showcases remarkable architectural brilliance. The temple complex features numerous shrines, each dedicated to various Hindu deities. The intricate carvings, magnificent domes, and beautifully sculpted idols leave visitors awestruck. The main sanctum, housing the icon of Goddess Katyayani, is the focal point of devotion.

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Pooja Rituals and Offerings

Devotees can participate in various pooja rituals at Chhatarpur Temple to seek the blessings of the divine. The temple offers a range of services, including special prayers, havans (fire rituals), and abhisheka’s (ritualistic bathing of deities). Devotees can also offer flowers, coconuts, sweets, and other traditional offerings to express their devotion.

Entry Fee Chhatarpur Temple

There is no entry fee to visit Chhatarpur Temple.

Timings Chhatarpur Temple

Days Parts of the Day Temple Darshan Timings/Schedule
Mon to Sun Temple Darshan Timings 06:00 to 22:00

Aarti Timings

Days Parts of the Day Temple Aarti Timings/Schedule
Mon to Sun Morning Aarti/Pooja Timings 06:30 to 07:00
Mon to Sun Evening Aarti/Pooja Timings 19:00 to 19:30

Festivals and Celebrations

Chhatarpur Temple hosts grand celebrations during various Hindu festivals, attracting a significant number of devotees. Navratri, Diwali, and Durga Puja are particularly festive periods when the temple is adorned with beautiful decorations and illuminated with colourful lights. These celebrations offer a chance to witness the temple at its vibrant best.

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Nearby Attractions

While visiting Chhatarpur Temple, you can explore other nearby attractions as well. Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple, and Hauz Khas Village are some popular destinations that offer a glimpse into Delhi’s rich history and culture. These attractions provide a well-rounded experience for tourists and devotees alike.

How to Reach Chhatarpur Temple

Chhatarpur Temple is conveniently located in South Delhi and can be easily reached by various modes of transportation. The nearest metro station is Chhatarpur Metro Station, which is well-connected to different parts of the city. Buses and taxis are also available for those travelling by road.

Accommodation Options

For those planning an extended stay in Delhi, there are several accommodation options available near Chhatarpur Temple. From budget hotels to luxury resorts, visitors can choose from a range of comfortable places to stay. It is advisable to book in advance, especially during peak seasons and festivals.

Safety and Guidelines

While visiting Chhatarpur Temple, adhering to the safety guidelines and maintaining decorum is important. Photography is allowed in certain areas, but it is advisable to seek permission before capturing any religious rituals or ceremonies. Visitors are also expected to dress modestly and respectfully within the temple premises.

Importance of Chhatarpur Temple

Chhatarpur Temple holds immense religious and cultural significance. It serves as a sacred space for devotees to connect with the divine and find solace in their prayers. The temple’s serene atmosphere and spiritual vibrations make it an ideal place for meditation and introspection.

The Spiritual Experience

A visit to Chhatarpur Temple offers a profound spiritual experience. The captivating architecture, melodious chants, and positive energy uplift the spirits of the devotees. Whether you seek blessings, wish to witness Indian traditions, or simply want to soak in the spiritual ambience, Chhatarpur Temple has much to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any dress code requirements for visiting Chhatarpur Temple?

Visitors are advised to dress modestly and respectfully, covering their shoulders and knees.

Can I take photographs inside the temple complex?

Photography is allowed in certain areas, but it is advisable to seek permission before capturing any religious rituals or ceremonies.

Is there any entry fee for Chhatarpur Temple?

No, there is no entry fee to visit Chhatarpur Temple.

What is the best time to visit the temple?

The temple can be visited throughout the year, but it is advisable to check the timings beforehand.

Can I offer donations or contributions to the temple?

Yes, the temple accepts donations and contributions from devotees who wish to support its upkeep and charitable activities.

What is Chhatarpur Mandir famous for?

Chhatarpur Mandir is famous for being the second-largest temple complex in India and for its stunning architectural design. It is also renowned for its religious significance as a place of worship for devotees of Goddess Katyayani.

Are phones allowed in Chhatarpur Mandir?

Yes, phones are generally allowed inside Chhatarpur Mandir. However, it is important to maintain the sanctity of the temple and avoid using phones in areas where it may disrupt prayers or ceremonies.

On which day is Chhatarpur Mandir closed?

Chhatarpur Mandir is open throughout the week. It does not have a specific day of closure and welcomes devotees and visitors every day.

What is the history of Chhatarpur Temple Delhi?

Chhatarpur Temple was established in 1974 by Baba Nagpal Ji, a devoted follower of Goddess Katyayani. The temple complex was constructed over a period of several years, showcasing intricate architecture and design. It has since become a significant pilgrimage site for Hindus in Delhi.


Chhatarpur Temple in Delhi is a remarkable place of worship that embodies the rich traditions and spiritual heritage of India. Its grandeur, devotion, and sacredness make it a must-visit destination for those seeking a divine experience. Plan your visit to Chhatarpur Temple and immerse yourself in the spiritual aura that pervades this holy place.

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