Shri Krishna Janmasthan Mathura: Exploring the Divine Birthplace

Shri Krishna Janmasthan

Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, holds immense significance for devotees and spiritual seekers from all over the world. Sri Krishna Janmasthana, also known as the Krishna Janmabhoomi, is a revered pilgrimage site that attracts millions of visitors each year. In this blog, we will delve into the historical and spiritual aspects of Sri Krishna Janmasthana Mathura, including its entry fee, timings, history, the significance of the site, images, and its location.

History and Significance:

Sri Krishna Janmasthana holds a special place in Hindu mythology and history. It is believed to be the exact spot where Lord Krishna was born over 5,000 years ago. The site has witnessed numerous events and stories associated with Lord Krishna’s childhood and divine miracles. It is considered one of the most sacred places in Hinduism and draws devotees who seek blessings, spiritual solace, and a deeper connection with Lord Krishna.


Sri Krishna Janmasthana is located in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India. Mathura is situated on the banks of the Yamuna River and is easily accessible from major cities like Delhi and Agra. The birthplace is a prominent part of Mathura’s rich cultural and religious heritage.

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Entry Fee and Timings:

Entry tickets and timings of the Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple is accurate. There is no entry fee to visit the temple, and the timings vary based on the summer and winter seasons.

During the summer months (April to November), the temple opens at 5 am and closes at 9:30 pm. Aarti (devotional ceremony) is performed from 5 am to 12 pm in the morning and from 4 pm to 9:30 pm in the evening.

In the winter months (November to April), the temple opens at 5:30 am and closes at 8:30 pm. Aarti is conducted from 5:30 am to 12 pm in the morning and from 3 pm to 8:30 pm in the evening.

It’s interesting to note that Mangal Aarti, a special morning Aarti, takes place at 5:30 AM. This Aarti holds significance for devotees and adds to the spiritual experience at the temple.

Please keep in mind that these timings are subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to check for any updates or modifications before planning your visit.

Places of Worship:

Mathura is home to a multitude of temples and sacred sites that serve as focal points of devotion for Krishna devotees. The Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple is the most significant shrine, believed to be the exact place where Lord Krishna was born. The Dwarkadhish Temple, situated in the heart of the city, is another revered temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. Other notable temples include the Banke Bihari Temple, ISKCON Temple, and the Radha Raman Temple, all of which attract devotees from far and wide.

Divine Experience and Rituals:

As you enter Sri Krishna Janmasthana, you will be overwhelmed by the divine aura and the sense of devotion in the air. The temple complex houses the main shrine, which marks the exact spot of Lord Krishna’s birth. Devotees can offer prayers, seek blessings, and witness various rituals conducted throughout the day. The atmosphere is filled with the chanting of mantras, the fragrance of incense, and the sounds of devotional music.

Exploring the Surroundings:

Apart from Sri Krishna Janmasthana, Mathura offers a wealth of other sacred sites and attractions associated with Lord Krishna. You can visit nearby temples like Dwarkadhish Temple, Vishram Ghat, and Gita Mandir. These places offer a deeper understanding of Lord Krishna’s life and teachings. You can also explore the bustling markets of Mathura, where you will find various souvenirs and items related to Lord Krishna.

Festive Celebrations at the Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple

The Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple is known for its vibrant and joyous festive celebrations throughout the year. The temple holds special significance during major Hindu festivals, attracting devotees from all over the country. Here are some of the festive celebrations that take place at the Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple:


Janmashtami is the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna and is one of the most important festivals celebrated at the Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple. The temple premises are beautifully decorated, and a grand procession known as the “Shobha Yatra” takes place, depicting various episodes from Lord Krishna’s life. Devotees come together to sing devotional songs, recite prayers, and participate in religious ceremonies. The temple is filled with enthusiasm and devotion as people celebrate the divine birth of Lord Krishna.


Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated with great enthusiasm at the Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple. Devotees gather to play with colors and enjoy the festive spirit. The temple courtyard becomes a vibrant sight as people smear each other with colors and sing Holi songs dedicated to Lord Krishna. Traditional music and dance performances add to the festive atmosphere, creating a joyous celebration for everyone.


Radhashtami commemorates the birth anniversary of Radha, the beloved consort of Lord Krishna. The Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple witnesses special prayers, bhajans (devotional songs), and recitations dedicated to Radha. Devotees offer flowers, sweets, and perform aarti to seek blessings from Radha and Lord Krishna. The temple premises are adorned with beautiful decorations, and devotees immerse themselves in the divine love of Radha and Krishna.


Annakut, also known as Govardhan Puja, is celebrated at the Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple with great fervor. Devotees prepare a wide variety of vegetarian food items as an offering to Lord Krishna. These food offerings, often arranged in the form of a mountain, symbolize gratitude for the bountiful harvest and divine blessings. The temple witnesses a large gathering of devotees who participate in the festivities, offer prayers, and receive prasad (blessed food).


Diwali, the festival of lights, is another significant festival celebrated at the Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple. The temple is adorned with decorative lights and diyas (earthen lamps), creating a mesmerizing sight. Devotees offer prayers to Lord Krishna and seek his blessings for prosperity and happiness. The temple premises are filled with spiritual fervor as people participate in cultural programs, fireworks, and enjoy the festive spirit.

These festive celebrations at the Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple bring devotees closer to the divine essence of Lord Krishna. The joyous atmosphere, devotional activities, and cultural performances make these celebrations a memorable experience for everyone who visits the temple during these auspicious occasions.

How to Reach the Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple

To reach the Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple in Mathura, there are various transportation options available. Here’s a guide on how to reach the temple:

By Air:

The nearest airport to Mathura is the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, which is approximately 180 kilometers away. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Mathura. Several airlines operate domestic and international flights to and from New Delhi.

By Train:

Mathura Junction is a major railway station that is well-connected to various cities across India. Numerous trains, including express and superfast trains, stop at Mathura Junction. Once you arrive at the railway station, you can hire an auto-rickshaw, taxi, or take a local bus to reach the Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple, which is around 3 kilometers away.

By Road:

Mathura is well-connected to nearby cities and towns through a network of roads. National Highway 44 passes through Mathura, making it easily accessible by road. You can either drive your own vehicle or hire a taxi to reach the Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple. Buses operated by the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) and private bus operators also provide transportation services to Mathura.

Local Transportation:

Once you reach Mathura, there are various local transportation options to reach the Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple. Auto-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws are popular modes of transport within the city. You can also hire a taxi or use app-based cab services for a convenient and comfortable journey.

Navigating to the Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple:

The Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple is located in the heart of Mathura, near the Krishna Ghat and Vishram Ghat. The temple is easily accessible by walking or taking a short rickshaw ride from the city center or the Mathura Junction railway station. It is advisable to ask for directions from locals or use navigation apps to find the exact location of the temple.

Remember to plan your visit in advance, consider the traffic conditions, and check for any updates or changes in the transportation services.


A visit to Sri Krishna Janmasthana Mathura is a spiritually uplifting experience that allows devotees to connect with the divine presence of Lord Krishna. It is a journey that takes you back in time to witness the significance and grandeur of Lord Krishna’s birthplace. The sacredness of the place, the devotion of the people, and the vibrant atmosphere make it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking spiritual solace and a deeper understanding of Hindu mythology.

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