Top Things to Do in Dharamshala – The Best Popular and Offbeat Activities

Dharamshala Sightseeing

Emerged as one of the top weekend gateways from the National Capital and surrounding cities for good reasons, Dharamshala is the prime hill station and one of the most popular tourist places in Himachal Pradesh where you can plan for family holiday tours, honeymoon tours, travel as the solo, group tours or adventure tours. There are various popular and offbeat things and activities to do in Dharamshala that are sure to keep you engaged and busy for more time. Pitching your own tents and stargaze is also a type of adventure activity amid youngsters; while people from a bit higher age can find places for serenity and solitude along with spirituality at colourful monasteries and temples.

It is a perfect place and haven for couples, families, group of friends for refreshment and business development planning and to spend a day or two away from your routine life. Choose the best Dharamshala tour packages or plan for Himachal tour package and enjoy the real charm of your holidays in the most impressive and memorable way. Some of the top things and activities to do here include, but not limited to:

Dharamshala Sightseeing for Historical and Cultural Heritage Views

Dharamshala is famous for owing to many natural, architectural and spiritual landmarks. You will see fragrant tea gardens that will surely rejuvenate your senses; while colourful monasteries like Namgyal are making you stay in the world of spirituality and tranquillity. There are various wonderful places that you will see during your tour to Dharamshala like Namgyal Monastery, St. John in the Wilderness, Bhagsunag Waterfall, and Tsuglagkhang Complex Dalai Lama Temple and various others.

Explore and Chill Out at the Famous Cafes

Café culture in Dharamshala is best, especially Mcleodganj that is dotted with several cafes – serving delicious local and continental cuisines and beverages. They are great places to unwind with friends, chat all evening and pamper your taste buds amid that worth panoramic view. Youngsters and couples prefer to spend time in Illiterati, Shiva Café, Namgyal Café and Joyful Café.

Quench Your Appetite by Delicious Tibetan Food

Being a Tibetan Settlement since 1959, Dharamshala has the influence of local food that is a delight for foodies. You will get something special ranging from freshly steamed momos to delicious soupy Thukpas; while you can also try a lot more that will surely give your appetite a special treat. Enjoying Tibetan food in streets and marketplaces in Dharmashala is a good way of keeping yourself busy and get rid of hunger.

Stone Jewelry and Cute Handcraft Items – Don’t Miss to Shop Them

The choice is yours; there are plenty of shopping options here ranging from jewellery to woollens. It is one of the favourite things to do and enjoy during your holidays in Dharamshala. Don’t miss walking around the markets in Dharamshala and you will come across accessories made of different stones, woollens that are knitted right in front of you. Colourful prayer flags, handicraft items, stone jewellery and something from Tibetan cultural are available here at reasonable prices.

Want to Do Something as Volunteer – Take up Volunteer Work

Going on a cleaning spree or teaching English with other volunteers in Dharamshala is the best way of coming close to locals and spend more time with them. You will find NGOs encouraging volunteer work

Camping in Beautiful Spots

There are various picturesque sites and wonderful places where you can camp to enjoy the real adventure of your holidays. The forested hills are soaring up above the clouds and breezy environs are urging you to ditch cemented walls and pitch your own tent for the night. Spending time in a tent in Dharamshala is without any doubt better than staying in a 5-star hotel. Triund, Kareri, Indrahar Pass are some of the best places to enjoy camping.

Paragliding in Bir Billing Close to Dharamshala

Located at the distance of approx 65 km from Dharamshala, Bir Billing is a place – perfect for paragliding. It will be the best activity to enjoy during your tour to Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. You will reach here through a wonderful way full of greenery and valleys.

Trekking in Himachal Pradesh

Trekking is another one of the best games to enjoy and of course the best activity to do. Both Dharamshala and Mcleodganj are the best places for trekking. It is a gateway to different famous trekking routes to places like Chamba, Triund, Irnrahar Pass and different others. Mcleodganj- Triund- Illaqua Gote- Mcleodganj (Moderate), Dharamshala – Indrahar Pass (Moderate), Dharamshala – Kareri Lake (Easy), Dharamshala – Thamsar Pass (Difficult), Dharamshala – Nag Dal ( Difficult), etc are different for trekking in all ways.

Light Adventure and Fun Activities

You will also get a chance to have more fun and enjoy as there are different types of lighter adventure and fun activities in Dharamshala that is perfect for families and groups you can choose from rock climbing, ziplining and hiking to fishing and cycling.


Cycling and mountain biking are the best things to do in Dharamshala for those who love exploring different places on their own. You will see roads that are well-maintained and ideal for cycling.

There are various other activities to enjoy and get involved during your Holidays in Dharamshala. You have to choose the right tour package or plan a holiday trip on your own.


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