7 Awesome Destinations must visit Switzerland

New Zealand

From a wide variety of adventure activities, exquisite resorts, eye-pleasing structures to aesthetic restaurants serving mouth-watering delicacies, the world is full of destinations tailored for the visitors to have a marvellous experience. With picturesque sceneries serving as a highlight for all the locations, they also reflect their setting’s culture and rich past to add to their visitor’s delight. Providing a glimpse of such beautiful locations, here are the top 7 places for vacationists to visit.

7 Awesome Destinations for you to visit:


1. The antiqueness of Macchu Picchu

A royal retreat as it was for the Incan rulers formerly, this setting is now an exquisite spot for the tourists to witness the naturally combined work of stones with carvings that leave them astonished. Positioned in the Andes mountains of Peru, the Machu Pichhu, which was built in the 15th century, is a treat for people who are history and art seekers. The mountain city of Cusco, formerly the capital of the Inca empire, is a must to explore when on a Macchu Picchu adventure.

Macchu Picchu
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2. The naturalism of the Grand Canyon

Positioned in the state of Arizona of the United States, is a setting that has been around for more than two billion years. Stretching for 277 miles, along with the Colorado River flowing between, the naturally formed setting known as the Grand Canyon is truly magnificent. Stare down the rock formations while standing over the edge or simply keep hiking around, but visiting this setting is a must. Bring out your phones and snap around because such a view is one of a kind.

3. The iconic city of Zurich

Being the capital of Switzerland, this setting has it all for its visitors. From wandering the streets of the Old town where the past speaks to you, indulging in the magnificence of the Viadukt to going shopping on the Bahnhofstrasse, the city of Zurich is also renowned for serving mouth-watering delicacies. Go hiking, biking, swimming, but making a visit to this iconic city is a must especially when Pickyourtrail is here with Switzerland packages.

4. The magnificence of Rome

Known as the Eternal City, this setting is a hub for visitors to indulge in Italy’s rich past. From exploring the Colosseum, roaming around the Roman forum to witnessing the Pantheon and experiencing the aesthetics of the Vatican City, the city of Rome, is a jaw-dropping location where with exquisite history, the vacationists are offered delectable dishes by culturally enhanced restaurants.

5. The eco-friendly setting of Masai Mara

Serving as a highlight is an opportunity this setting offers to its visitors to witness the Big Five comprising lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants, and Cape buffalos. Known as a safari destination, the bio-diverse area known as Masai Mara is a must-visit for all nature seekers and animal lovers. Positioned in Kenya, the best time to visit the Masai Mara national reserve is between July and August.

6. The popular city of New Zealand

Known to be the last city for humans to take over, this setting is one of the most iconic places to be explored by visitors. From visiting the capital city of Auckland where vacationists can spend time on the beaches and museums to exploring the city of Queenstown where they can take advantage of adventure sports, New Zealand is a must-visit. Home to various flora and fauna, adventure activities and aesthetic museums, this setting will leave you jaw-dropped.

7. The aesthetics of Angkor Wat

If spirituality pleases you, then this destination is an absolute delight to visit. Positioned outside the city of Cambodia, visiting the Angkor Wat, a site comprising the most powerful and originally known as a Hindu temple serves to be such an experience that is not just unforgettable but also truly magnificent. The area belonging to the ancient city of Angor Thom, which was formerly a setting of rich palaces, is truly a spectacular location to be explored by tourists. A former Hindu temple converted into a Buddhist temple in the 12th century not only has an authentic portrayal of the culture but also an aura that leaves the vacationist’s jaws dropped.

Destinations that not only offer their tourists spectacular scenic views, magnificent structures, iconic landmarks but also a peaceful vibe serve to be a delight. With adrenaline-pumping adventure sports, marvellous religious sites, and aesthetic restaurants t serving delectable delicacies and drinks, touring these destinations are truly satisfying. Visit the magnificence of Macchu Picchu, the Angkor Wat, Zurich or explore the artsy settings of Rome, New Zealand, or simply marvel at the creation of Masai Mara and The Grand Canyon, but to visit these settings is a must for all the people who enjoy travelling.


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