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The beauty of Jaisalmer certainly doesn’t require any further explanation. There aren’t enough phrases to define this stunning treasure located in Rajasthan. In addition to a myriad of shops and a variety of activities, there are a number of excellent eateries in Jaisalmer that you should visit when you visit. Not just the high-quality and authentic food, but also the breathtaking panorama you can take from a variety of restaurants in Jaisalmer is a reason to visit. It will definitely leave you with unforgettable memories. Foodies of every taste will find somewhere to eat in Jaisalmer.

Top Place To Eat In Jaisalmer

 1. Suryagarh Restaurant

Suryagarh Restaurant

Suryagarh restaurant is among the most renowned eateries located in Jaisalmer that serves Indian and Asian food. While it is a little expensive, none of the other restaurants are comparable to Suryagarh in terms of quality of food, flavor service, and appearance. Suryagarh’s Laal Maas along with the Bulgari Maas is a must-visit at this location. It’s definitely worthwhile to visit either for lunch or dinner when you are planning your next trip to Jaisalmer

Location: Kahala Phata Sam Road, Jaisalmer 345001, India
Google- Ratings:  4.6

 2. Abu Safari

Abu Safari

Abu Safari Restaurant is one of the best Restaurants in Jaisalmer offering a unique selection of both international and local food. The rooftop restaurant is a must to make your trip unforgettable for the rest of your life in Jaisalmer with the stunning views they have of the surrounding city. It is sure to make you desire to stay for the entire day sitting on their roof.

Location- Ring Road | Abu Safari Hotel, near Fort, Dhibba Para, Jaisalmer 345001
Google- Ratings:  4.6

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3. Gaji’s Restaurant

Gaji’s Restaurant

Did you know that you can find delicious and inexpensive Korean food right in the middle of Thar! In Kalakar Colony, Gaji’s Restaurant offers a wide selection of options of Korean, Chinese, and Indian delights, and offers customers ample quantities of hot Chai. Take a bite of the bibimbap (Korean mixed rice) as well as Korean Ramen, while enjoying the stunning view of Jaisalmer Fort at sunset. The interiors are in the traditional modern style, and the ambiance is very comfortable and casual, so come there!

Location – Gaji Hotel, Near Sunset Point, Kalakar Colony
Google- Ratings:  4.3

4. Pleasant Haveli

Pleasant Haveli

Amazing views and a variety of food options – that’s what the restaurant on the roof in Pleasant Haveli has to offer. The usual menu items are available on the menu including Continental breakfasts, a variety of salads and soups Indian specialties, and Chinese food! It’s Baigan Bhaji is simply delicious, so be sure to try it! If you’re meat-lovers You can try it. Mutton Jaisana prepared in true Jaisalmer way. The taste buds of your guests will be grateful to us for it, we promise!

Location – ChainPura Street – Gandhi Chowk, Jaisalmer 345001, India

Google- Ratings:  4.5

5. Hotel Tokyo Palace

Hotel Tokyo Palace

Jaisalmer offers a variety of interesting tiny places with interesting stories. The Hotel Tokyo is one such instance. The hotel was established by Mathar Khan, a Jaisalmer local who owned the operation of an Indian Restaurant in Tokyo the hotel is a popular destination for an increasing number of Japanese visitors each year. It serves delicious Ker Sangri and Rajasthani Thali and the Chinese Thali is also great price-to-value, so do give it a try!

Location –  Near Fort, Airforce Chouraha, Dhibba Para
Google- Ratings:  4.1

6. Green Park

Green park

Green Park Resort Green Park Resort is one of the top vegetarian restaurants located in Jaisalmer offering authentic Indian food. One of the most prominent highlights of the restaurant includes delivery and takeaway outside seating, as well as private dining. Offering a variety of dishes ranging including vegetarian soups and naan bread, this establishment is a firm believer in the satisfaction of the customer and is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of food.

Location- Near Air Force Station Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer 345001, India
Google- Ratings:  4.5

7. Wyra Restaurant

Wyra Restaurant

Wyra is among the stylish restaurant rooftops in Jaisalmer featuring an outdoor seating area as well as private dining features. The top roof-top restaurant located in Jaisalmer serves live cooking and various beverages. If you want to experience a truly unique experience, relax in the shade of the stars and take in the stunning views of the stunning cities of Jaisalmer.

Location – Sam Road, Jaisalmer 345001, India
Google- Ratings:  4.6

8. 1st Gate Home Fusion

1st Gate Home Fusion

Jointly owned by Italian Federica Melchioretto and Manoj Purohit from Jaisalmer, 1st Gate Home Fusion offers an array of authentic Italian along with Indian vegetarian food. The wood-fired pizzas are fantastic and the delicacies are also worth trying! Breakfast is a buffet that includes excellent Lavazza coffees as well as bread. This hotel also is pet-friendly! It is possible to meet Ting Tong – the Pug or any of the furry members at 1st Gate Home Fusion.

Location –  Dhibba Para
Google- Ratings:  4.4

9. Kila Corner

Kila Corner

Killa Corner is known for the quality of its food and friendly staff. Offering everything from Gatte Ki Sabzi to Manchurian pasta, burgers, and pasta, Killa corner is a must for every person. The atmosphere is casual and warm. There is also the option of ordering half plates which allows you to sample various dishes without having to worry about waste. The views are pretty amazing!

Location –  Next to the Fort, Gopa Chowk
Google- Ratings:  4.0

10. Trio Restaurants

Trio Restaurants

A list of eateries in Jaisalmer cannot be complete without not mentioning Trio which is one of the best recognized and long-standing eateries located in Jaisalmer. Decorated with traditional hangers and weapons from the past the interior of Trio is reminiscent of Mewar’s glory years. The food promises to be exactly as traditional. You can enjoy the authentic Ker Sangri Dal Tadka, Laal Maas, and Mutton Nagori. Drink a cold beer or Mint Tea to go with it!

Location – Mandir Palace, Gandhi Chowk, Near Bank of Baroda
Google- Ratings:  4.5

11. The Kaku

The Kaku

Relax on the traditional Rajasthani seats with a hookah and indulge in a mouthwatering dinner and lots of wonderful conversations at the Best Cafes & Clubs in Jaisalmer! Explore Rajasthani food like Laal Maas and Thar Pulao along with Jodhpuri Chicken, glug down Special Lassi, or the Ghotua Laddoo to enjoy a delicious end! The owner is known to be friendly and the music of the folk is a great way to keep the atmosphere lively. Movies and board games are also available upon request!

Location – Malka Pol, Near Suli Dungar
Google- Ratings:  3.9


FAQs about the special food and dishes of Jaisalmer and Rajasthan

The local food of Jaisalmer showcases the rich flavors of Rajasthan. Some popular local dishes are Rajasthani Thali, Murg-e-Subz, and Jaisalmeri Kala Chana.

Jaisalmer is famous for its magnificent Golden Fort (Sonar Quila), camel safaris in the Thar Desert, intricately carved havelis, and the warm hospitality of the locals.

Gatte Ki Sabzi, made from gram flour dumplings cooked in a rich yogurt-based gravy, is a famous and beloved vegetable dish in Jaisalmer.

The "Panchdhari Ladoo" is a famous sweet treat of Jaisalmer, made with five essential ingredients - besan (gram flour), ghee, sugar, cashews, and almonds.

Two of the most famous dishes of Rajasthan are Dal Baati Churma, a savory dish of lentils, wheat dumplings, and sweet crumbled wheat, and Laal Maas, a spicy mutton curry.

While all cities in Rajasthan offer unique culinary experiences, Jaipur is often considered the best city for trying a diverse range of Rajasthani dishes and delectable street food.

"Ghevar" is one of the most famous sweets of Rajasthan, a disc-shaped delicacy made from flour and soaked in sugar syrup, often enjoyed during festivals like Teej and Rakhi.

The No 1 famous food of Rajasthan is undoubtedly "Dal Baati Churma," a classic Rajasthani dish loved by locals and tourists alike.

Ker Sangri is a famous traditional vegetable preparation of Rajasthan, made from dried desert berries and beans, typically served with other Rajasthani dishes.

Jaisalmer is renowned for its delicious "Bhujiya," a spicy and crispy namkeen made from gram flour, often paired with tea for a flavorful snack.

"Mirchi Vada" is a famous vegetable dish of Jodhpur, consisting of spicy green chilies stuffed with a potato filling, dipped in gram flour batter, and deep-fried to perfection.

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