10 Best Honeymoon Beaches in Mauritius 2022

La Cuvette Public Beach

The honeymoon is the best time to come close to each other, understand well physically, emotionally and in all ways that lead to a happy and fruitful life. Choosing the best honeymoon destination is quite confusing as various points need to keep in mind for a memorable and romantic trip. For your spouse, no other place will be better and more convenient than Mauritius – a paradise for honeymooners full of colourful reefs, amazing sunset views, romantic beaches and islands full of white sand. Choosing the best and most affordable Mauritius honeymoon packages is an ideal way of giving your life new wings of romance and full of fun.

Your honeymoon in Mauritius will be wonderful and the most romantic one, if you choose a package in a planned way with day to the day tour itinerary to spend at least one day at each beach. It will be the best holiday experience you will keep cherished and enticed. Some of the best and most romantic beaches to explore in Mauritius are the following.

Best Places To Visit in Mauritius for Honeymoon


La Cuvette Beach in Grand Bay – Tranquility at Its Best on the Waves of Azure Blue Water

Africa, the picturesque city of Grand Bay in Mauritius Republic
Image By Mauritiusinsideout.com

If you are planning to spend romantic holiday’s at the most tranquil beaches in the world, look no further. La Cuvette Beach at Grand Bay is the beach of your dream for tranquility at its best.  This romantic beach is a paradise for honeymooners where they can live their romantic moments by walking hand in hand or enjoy some pleasant lovemaking moments. It is one of the best beaches in Mauritius near the town of Grand Bay in the northwest of Mauritius. Don’t miss to spend time at azure crystal clear waters coupled with the dazzling sand and boulders as well as attractive cliffs make it the perfect destination to explore. You will find something special and romantic here that is sure to make you feel special.

Poste Lafayette Beach – Famous for Little Coves and Romantic Moments

Image By Mauritiusisland.co

Honeymooners love to spend more and more time in open places, but in privacy with most romantic moments full of intimacy and love. Poste Lafayette Beach is a place to have more fun and pleasure. The beautiful beach and honeymoon paradise is in Roches Noires Village on the east coast of the island. It is well known for little coves, lovely coastline and beautiful km-long lagoon are attractive here. The allure of the beach is breath-taking, calming and refreshing, creating a perfect ambiance away from the hustle-bustle of city life. It is also ideal to enjoy the delicious food of Mauritius. Don’t miss to take a sunbath and walking in the coastal area.

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Blue Bay Beach – Swimmer’s Paradise in Turquoise Blue Water

Blue Bay Beach
Image By Hotelbluebaybeach.com

There are various beaches to explore in Mauritius, but Blue Bay Beach is the best and most romantic beach to explore that will surely keep you enticed and spellbound for the time to come. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius that is considered the best and ideal for sea-bathing and swimming. Will you also see Filao Trees in the semi-circle area? You will enjoy deep, azure waters, sparkling sandy shores, and livery and vibrant people.  There are various water sports activities that you will enjoy here with your partner.

Tamarin Beach – Photogenic Beach on the Cover of Mauritius Tourism Booklet

Tamarin Beach
Image By Likealocalguide.com

When it comes to enjoy romance in the most impressive way in Mauritius at beautiful beaches, you will find the name Tamarin beach standing on the top. It is the most romantic, beautiful and photogenic beach is a paradise for honeymooners is in Tamarin Village which is surrounded by hills near Black River on the West Coast. The beautiful beach is famous as Santosha Bay that is called a Surfer’s paradise that has been offering perfect waves for surfing and sea bathing. Black sand and super fun beach along with surfing spots attract both honeymooners and adventure tour lovers. You will find something romantic and amazing to stay romantic and loveable all time.

Mont Choisy Beach – the Longest Coastal Line in Mauritius

Mont Choisy Beach
Image By Mauritiusisland.co

Mauritius is famous for its island and coastal line; while it is the longest of all other best beaches in Mauritius that is famous for its sunset view. The beautiful island and coastal area are one of the most stunning beaches in Mauritius that is very close to the airport. There is a lot more to see here Lively marine world, coral reefs and blue water makes it a paradise to explore. You will enjoy various water sports activities here like deep-sea diving, fishing, speed boating, skiing, windsurfing and a lot more.

Flic En Flac Beach – Serenity and Romance at Its Best

Flic En Flac Beach
Image By mauritiusattractions.com

A paradise full of coral reefs, Flic En Flac Beach is famous for colourful reefs and sunset view. Its location in the western part of Mauritius in the Riviere Noire District is wonderful. Not to mention a lovely lagoon and coral reefs offering extremely awe-inspiring views – mainly at the time of sunset. Spending time with your honeymoon either by lying on the sand or walking hand in hand will be the best experience you have ever enjoyed. The choice is yours; you can also enjoy a candlelit dinner here.

Gris Gris Beach – Explore Magnificent Beauty at Its Best

Gris Gris Beach
Image By Wikipedia.org

The name is enough to say that Gris-Gris Beach is one of the best beaches in Mauritius that has been offering you the pleasure of the magnificent beauty of its blue waters, spread far and wide. The beautiful beach is very close to Souillac Village in the southern part of Mauritius and known for its majestic rock formation and amazing greenery. It is a place for love on beaches in the presence of an abundance of greenery.

Grand Bay Public Beach – Enjoy Boating and Catamaran Activities

Grand Bay Public Beach
Image By Radissonblu.com

What can be more exciting than having some wonderful activities along with the romance and pleasure of your holidays? For you, Grand Bay Public Beach is a paradise to fulfil your requirement. It is one of the best tourist spots in Mauritius in Riviera Du Rempart District right along with the liveliness of Grand Bay Coastal Village, Grand Bay Public Beach is famous for providing you with better opportunities for boating and catamaran activities. You will find greenery in the best way; while you will also get something enticed and spell to enjoy intimacy and romantic moments in the best way.  Don’t miss to present a romantic surprise to your spouse here.

Riviere Des Galets Beach – Find Countless Pebbles and Shin Boulders

Riviere Des Galets Beach
Image By Mauritiusisland.co

What can be more romantic and wonderful than planning a honeymoon trip to the most beautiful beach that is full of pebbles and shiny boulders? The beautiful beach is located between Souillac and Bel Ombre, Riviere Des Galets Beach is making your dream come true to have more fun and romance in the best way. Don’t forget to collect a single or two pebbles.

St Felix Beach – Perfect Place for Beach Weddings and Parties

St Felix Beach
Image By Mauritiusisland.co

St Felix Beach is the most popular beaches of all in Mauritius that is famous for honeymooners to enjoy romantic moments. It is ideal for those who are planning or beach wedding, the beach party of the perfect beach beauty in Mauritius. St Felix Beach is perfect to explore for a wonderful holiday trip.  You will find everything you need to enjoy romantic holidays.

There are various other wonderful beaches that are full of natural beauty and tranquillity making ideal settings for romance in the most memorable and pleasurable way. You have to choose the right Mauritius honeymoon tour packages or any kind of other according to your choice, go through the details and enjoy the pleasant romantic time of your life.


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