Maldives Honeymoon Tips Help You in Making Your Tour Memorable

The rich archipelago of more than 1192 islands that are grouped in 26 atolls, Maldives is home to greenery, island hoping and serenity all around. The majority of islands are private and have single resort on each (5-star resorts); while others are inhabitant and known for offering you the best pleasure of your honeymoon or any kind of other holidays. There are plenty of reasons to choose the Maldives as an ideal honeymoon destination. However, before making the final decision of choosing the right package or start your honeymoon journey on your own to the Maldives, it is better to keep in mind a few important points and go through a few simple tips that will help you in making your tour memorable and full of wonders.

How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon in the Maldives


Choose the Best Tour Package and Know About Them

No other way than choosing the best Maldives honeymoon packages would be better for exploring the island destination and enjoy your honeymoon in the most romantic way.  From a selected travel agency that has specialization in honeymoon tours, you are advised to choose the best Maldives honeymoon package. You should also go through day to day tour itinerary of your selected tour package. It should include pick and drop, sightseeing, transfer to hotel or resort, luxury accommodation, multi-cuisine food and a tour guide. You should also know about complementary services if offered.

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Keep in Mind Your Budget

Everyone loves to celebrate holidays in a memorable way, but for the majority of couples, budget pushes them on the back seat for doing so. Before making the decision of starting your honeymoon trip, keep in mind your budget. The Maldives has 5-star resorts and world-class facilities that may be a bit costlier. You can also find budget hotels and resorts or villas to stay in. The number of days also matter a lot in spending the right amount of money.

Local Transport

After arrival at the airport, you will be moving to your Favorite Island or destination by Boats and Dhonis. However, on the same island, you can find taxis and buses. The fact to note is that majority of islands are very small and seaplanes are quite popular to reach from one island to another. Luxury boats are also there to help you in an easy transfer.

Local Currency and Exchanging Options

Don’t forget to exchange your currency into local currency at the exchange bureau at the airport. You can also find some points in markets too. The majority of hotels, restaurants, bars and even taxi and boat service providers accept plastic money or online payments. So keeping your ATM card or credit card or ready your intent banking log-in details with less amount of local currency is enough.

Local Traditions

The majority of people in the Maldives are Muslims and they follow their traditions and culture from the bottom of the heart. Walking Maldives half-naked is not allowed. You are advised to wear full clothes; while travelling outside the hotel. Locals are friendly and respect guests. They also expect the same treat from tourists.

Light Weight Packing

Light Weight Packing
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It is better to pack your bags with fewer luggage. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy yourself a lot. Clothing in the Maldives are affordable in price and you can purchase a pair or two there. It is an ideal way to enjoy your honeymoon without worrying about anything.

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Shopping in the Maldives

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There are various wonderful markets and malls in Male and other areas where you can find handicraft items, local brands and top brands of dresses, footwear and other items. You will find world-class malls and shopping centers that are flooded with a variety of items. Sale is also disclosed by stores.

Best Food in the Maldives

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Enjoying delicious local dishes is certainly a good way of enjoying something special. The Maldives is famous for serving fresh sea food that you can do on your own. Catch the fish and get them prepared and cooked in a restaurant. Street food is also quite popular. You can also find something at beach side. Local foods are also famous to let you enjoy the delicious platter.

Some of the Best Places to See in the Maldives

Tsunami Monument
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There are a number of wonderful tourist attractions and honeymoon destinations that you can explore during your Maldives tours. Some of the wonderful places to add to your Maldives packages for couples include, but are not limited to:

Male is the capital city is famous for various attractions and for a large international airport. Male Fish Market, Male National Museum, Tsunami Monument, Sultan Mosque and Grand Friday Mosque are some of the main attractions to see here.

Mafushi Island is famous for sparkling ocean waters, splendid resorts, exciting activities and modern life points like bars and spas. It is well-known for offering water sports activities.

Alimatha Island is perfect for water sports where you can sit on the eastern edge of Maldives in the Vaavu Atoll. It is famous for its crystal clear water, sun-kissed beaches, aquamarine lagoons, spas and various other attractions. Biyadhoo Island is famous for scuba diving and abundance of vegetation growth that is mainly for coconuts and banana, mangoes and cucumbers, cabbage and tomatoes.

Vadhoo Island is the beautiful occupied island in Raa Atoll of Maldives is wonderful where bioluminescence observed in the waters surrounding the island at night is no less than a mystical surprise for the visitors. Fihalhohi Island is gorgeous overwater bungalows that are creating a perfect picture in the Kaafu Atoll of South Male. Not to mention Fihalhohi Island that has been making its position in the list of most beautiful places to visit.

Hulhumalé Island is a beautiful island is close to Male and called an artificial island that is planned to decongest the population of Male. The majority of islands are private with a world-class resorts. Some of them are inhabited where you can find budget hotels too.


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