Manali to Lahaul: An Expedition Through the Himalayan Wonderland

Manali Lahaul

Lahaul Valley has crop as the maximum notorious rubberneck holiday spot of Himachal because of its smooth fashion after the hole of the Atal Lair, Rohtang. Thousands of trippers are traveling Manali Lahaul Valley each day to carouse in its stirring beauty.

Stylish Season to Visit

Indeed, though the summer months are amazing and the rainfall is veritably cool, layoffs are inversely mesmerizing. Some areas are known to admit 10ft. of snow. Before this season, Lahaul was cut off from the world, but the potent Atal Lair has made it possible to enjoy the beauty of the region in the downtime months. In the coming seasons.

How to Reach Lahaul Valley

Lying only 33 KMs from Manali on the Manali- Leh trace – reaching Lahaul has no way been easier. The vale starts from the northern end of the Atal Lair, which is basically a ground between Manali and Lahaul.

●      By Air

The nearest field is the Kullu (Bhuntar) Airport, which lies about 51 KMs from Manali. taxicabs and motorcars are available then for heading to Lahaul Valley

●      By Rail

The nearest road station is Joginder Nagar, positioned at a 4- hour drive from Manali. motorcars and taxicabs are available at the railhead. still, in terms of comfort – both for the field and road – Chandigarh is a better destination as it enjoys advanced connectivity with the rest of India

●      By Road

The stylish way to reach Lahaul is by road. The stylish part about Lahaul vill is that utmost places (except the hikes, of course) are motorable.

Best Places to Visit Himalayan

●      Shashur Gompa

Shashur Gompa

Shashur Monastery is girdled by patches of blue pine and can be reached by a 3 km uphill walk from the main road of Keylong. Although, you can also use the 5 km long motorable road which has been erected lately.

●      Mrikula Devi Temple

Mrikula Devi Temple

The unique Mrikula (Markula) Devi Temple was erected in the 11th or 12th century and is located just above the emporium in Lahaul’s alternate- largest city – Udaipur. This tabernacle is devoted to Goddess Kali and does not look assessing from the outside – it has an old- looking wood- tiled ‘conical’ roof and simple walls.

●      Temple of Raja Ghepan

Temple of Raja Ghepan

A prominent vill after crossing Rohtang- la is Sissu, located on the right bank of the swash Chandra, at an elevation of 3000 m. The falls in this vill are out of this world mesmerizing.

●      Moon Lake

Located at an average elevation of 4,590 measures above ocean position, Kunzum Pass is one of the notorious high altitude passes in Himachal Pradesh. The pass connects the Lahaul vale and Spiti vale to the Kullu vale and is notorious for its colorful journey spots which give way to the retired Moon Lake.

●      Leg Valley National Park

Pin Valley National Park is located in the cold desert area of the Spiti vale and is known for being a niche to the colorful risked creature’s species like the snow leopard and the Siberian Ibex.

●      Gahar Valley

Right when you enter Keylong, you ’re now part of the Gahar Valley. The Lady of Keylong peak will be yourco-traveler when you ’re in this vill. The quarter headquarters, you ’re about 110 KMs from Manali at this point. This is the morning of your love affairs with exploring Gompas.

●      Kardang Gompa

Kardang Gompa

Lying contrary to the Shashur Gompa – Kardang is relatively ways down from Keylong. For the route, you ’ll need to travel to Tandi – Kardang Village and eventually the Gompa, taking about 18 KMs in aggregate.


Lahaul Valley has a unique culture, an admixture of Buddhism and Hinduism. It was formerly a part of the area of Ladakh which comprised of Ladakh, Zanskar, Lahaul, and Spiti. Though Lahaul and Spiti are both included in the same quarter, their geographies are veritably differing. Spiti is a cold desert and Lahaul is important greener and rich as compared to Spiti. It’s likewise called a chilly desert, because of loss of flowers and fauna withinside the area. still, the deficit of flowers and fauna does now no longer lessens the herbal splendour of Lahaul and Spiti vale or the Spiti vale tourism. There are only many waters means in Lahaul Spiti and the road situations are relatively bad. Due to those harsh situations, the crowd of Lahaul and Spiti is one of the smallest in India. The tough avenue situations do now no longer discourage trippers, vacationers and trip campaigners from each over the world, to go to this stunning vale.

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