Rajasthan The Royal Land is Calling You!!

The state located in the western part of India is known for its rich history spread across the ancient and medieval period. Best time to visit the place is in winter months when humidity and heat in the atmosphere are far lower. Numerous palaces, castles and forts capture the attention of the people by reminding them of the glorious years gone by. Rajasthan state comprises of various cities and towns that are spread across the length as well as breadth of the area.

Places to See In Rajasthan:

There are many places to see in Rajasthan for the people and they are as follows:


Who can forget the indomitable Amer Fort located on the hill top? Built by great Maharaja Jai Singh in 967 CE, it is connected to the Jaigarh Palace with the help of the tunnel. The magnificent fort is known to be bounded by 4 gates from all sides. Jaleb Chowk is the courtyard located inside the palace. In addition, the horse stables were also provided in close vicinity to the royalty.

City Palace in Jaipur is a tourist destination with Diwan E KHAS welcomes the guests in its original grandeur. Moreover, travelers can also enjoy the amazing buffet lunch in numerous restaurants located near by.

Birla Mandir in Jaipur is quite famous among the locals and the visitors. Draped in white color. It is an epitome of richness and cleanliness against the backdrop of the rugged mountains.


The city is located about 250 km from Jaipur and is home to the famous Mehrangarh fort. It was constructed in 1460 by the legendary king Rao Jodha and sits atop the hill. One of the most important attractions inside Jodhpur is the famous museum stocking palanquins. The fort is studded with 7 gates with the seventh one built by Ajit Singh to celebrate the victory over the Mughals.

Umaid Bhawan palace is a vital attraction in the city as it stocks amazing strands of rich Indian heritage. It is a hotel inviting guests from across the world so that they are bedazzled by the extravagant decoration and richness of the kings of yesteryear.


The city is inundated with forts and the legendary sam dune ride located in the Thar desert. Due to the presence of so many attractions, the city is now considered as the world heritage site.

Nightlife In Rajasthan:

As the day passes by, night comes alive in the state of Rajasthan. Travelers can watch the famous Dharohar Folk dance in the city of Udaipur. It is performed by the puppet artists who impress the onlookers with their skills.

Amigos Bar and discotheque in Jaipur are the epitomes of modernization with soothing music, Mexican cuisine and impeccable array of drinks for the travelers. They can also visit the bar lounge at PAATU in Jaisalmer city located near to the India Pakistan border. It is a wonderful property equipped with luxurious razzmatazz. One of the most important attributes of the place is the traditional Rajasthani hospitality shown by the customer service department. Travelers feel like royalties of the yesteryear when they arrive at the place.

Where to eat in Rajasthan:

Jal Mahal Palace in Jaipur provides perfect option for the visitors to taste the royal cuisines of Rajasthan. There are numerous dishes and flavors that lighten up the palettes. One of the most unique selling points is the Rajasthani Thali comprising of salad, curries, vegetables, rice and Indian bread. Chef in charge of the restaurant offers impeccable customer service to the visitors.

Lake Pichola hotel is an ideal gateway for the travelers to enjoy dining in Udaipur city. Beautiful view of the Lake palace accompanied by bathing ghats and embankments are soothing to the eyes.

Hotels in Rajasthan:

The state is inundated with heritage hotels evoking memories of the glorious past of the region.

Fort Begu Chittorgarh is the most exotic gem of the city and provides world class accommodation. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning systems and king size bed. Wonderful view of the hills and cities is visible from the hotel to the travelers.

Getting round in Rajasthan:

If you are not constrained by budget, the best options to travel between the cities is by air. Jaipur and Jodhpur are well connected towns with airports. Majority of tourists also use trains to arrive at the intended destination.

Renting a vehicle can also be a wonderful option if you are interested in viewing both urban and rural life of Rajasthan. The taxi can take you right from Jaipur to Mount Abu, Jodhpur and Jaiselmar. On reaching the destination, one may also like to enjoy the camel safari in the deserts of Thar.


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