Kausani- a mini Switzerland of India


Mahatma Gandhi called it the ‘Switzerland of India’ due to the similarity of scenic views to that of Switzerland. It is a serene hill station located in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand. It offers a 300 km wide spectacular view of the Himalayan peaks. The various scenes of the movies like 1942: A Love Story and Koi Mil Gaya were filmed here.

Best time to visit Kausani

Kausani gets snowfall from October to February. April, May, and June are the ideal months to visit Kausani.

How to reach Kausani

  • Airport: The nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport which is 170 km away from Kausani.
  • Rail: The nearest railway station is Kathgodam which is 140 km away from Kausani.
  • Road: The buses and taxis are easily available from major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, and Lucknow to reach Kausani. The government and private bus owners offer road route services to Kausani.

Food and Accommodation

  • Food: Kausani offers you Kumaoni dishes on your plate. To relax your hunger pangs and to enjoy hot and delicious food, there are famous restaurants in Kausani like The Garden Restaurant and The Heritage Resort. You will find roadside stalls as well.
  • Accommodation: Book your hotels and resorts online to avoid the last-minute hassle. There is no dearth of staying options in Kausani. You can book hotel rooms along the riverside, hilltop, or commercial area. You can also opt for KMVN hotel rooms.

Things to do in Kausani

  • Ashram and Museum Tour: There are many holy ashrams to pay your visit like Anashakti Ashram and Laxmi Ashram. There is a museum in the name of a famous Hindi literature poet, Sumitranandan Pant, where a collection of his writings, drafts, and manuscripts are kept.
  • Temple Visit: Kausani has many religious places and monuments, making it worth the visit for devotees and architecture praisers. Here are the famous temples to add to your list: Baijnath, Someshwar, Rudrahari, and Kot Brahmari Temple.
  • Shopping: To buy handicrafts or household items would be the best decision to take something along. The Kausani Shawl Factory is a considerable stop to shop for woolen handicrafts. You can buy flavored tea packets from Kausani Tea Estate.
  • Trekking: Kausani offers nature’s best spot to view for tourists and trekkers. The blissful trekking trails leave the spectators in awe. The famous trekking spots in Kausani are Pinnath, Pindari glacier, and Rudradhari treks.
  • Stargazing: A well-established laboratory called Stargate Observatory is designated for solar and lunar observations. The place is equipped with a telescope to watch celestial objects in the sky. It is the best station for star-gazing and astrophotographers.

10 places to visit near Kausani

Kausani Tea Estate:

Tea Plantations near Kausani

It is 5 km from Kausani. It is situated at an elevation of 1800 m above sea level. It is the famous tea plantation of Kausani and the tea is exported to Australia, Germany, U.S.A, and Korea. It must definitely be on your list of trips to enjoy the aroma of fresh tea leaves and buy some flavored tea. From November to March, it is closed so plan accordingly. It is a suitable location for bird lovers.

Rudradhari Falls and Cave:

Rudradhari Falls and Cave

It is a 2 km trek from Kausani. The water from a height falls vertically into the river making it mesmerizing to watch. The valley near it is lush green all over and is between two rivers Kosi and Sai.

Baijnath Temple:

Baijnath Temple

It is situated on the banks of river Gomti in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva or Lord Vaidyanath and is most visited by devotees during Mahashivratri. There is a lake full of fish outside where tourists feed them with flour and pulses. It is an eye-treat to architectural admirers.

Stargate Observatory:

Stargate Observatory

The Stargate Observatory is an open-air observatory to see celestial objects through professional equipment. It is the best place in Kausani to witness the night sky view through telescopes installed. Solar observation is done during the daytime. The astrophotographers come here to see the clear sky during the day and star-gazing at night.



It is located in the Chamoli district of the Garhwal region of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand. It facilitated the spectacular view of three famous Himalayan peaks: Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Panchachuli and the river Pindari flow through the valley spreading the therapeutic calmness for the tourists.

Anashakti Ashram:

Anashakti Ashram

Mahatma Gandhi stayed here in 1929 and practiced Anasakti Yoga. It is also known as Gandhi Ashram. The Ashram has a beautiful view of lush green grass, blooming flowers, and provides a calm and serene view of the Himalayas. The Ashram now has an accommodation facility with 24 rooms. The Ashram has a small museum where writings and photos of Gandhiji are kept.

Sumitranandan Pant Museum:

Sumitranandan Pant Museum

The famous Hindi Poet Sumitranandan Pant was born in the main village of Kausani. He was awarded Padma Vibhushan, Gyanpeeth Award, Sahitya Kala Award, and Nehru Peace Award. His house has been converted into a museum which is now popular among literature admirers.

Kausani Shawl Factory:

Kausani Shawl Factory

The Kausani Shawls by local weavers made in the Kausani Shawl Factory are famous. They make woolen clothes like pullovers, shawls, gloves, etc of high quality. It would be perfect to buy garments from here to keep them as a memory in your cupboard.

Pinnath Trek:

Pinnath Trek

It is a 5 km trek from Kausani. It is the best trekking spot among nature lovers. The shrine here is dedicated to Bhairon. The favorable time for trekking here is March to May and September to October. The trekkers meet the wilderness of nature with animals and birds in their habitat resting and roaming around and the whispering sound of the Kosi river flowing beside.

 Someshwar Temple:

Someshwar Temple

There is a temple near the Rudradhari Falls and Cave called Someshwar Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Hari. It is 12 km from Kausani. The devotees visit the temple to seek blessings during the festive time of Mahashivratri. The hills surrounding the temple offer a serene view to behold in eyes.

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